Castello del Buonconsiglio

Antica prestigiosa residenza dei principi vescovi di Trento (dalla prima metà del 1200 fino al 1796) un tempo sede amministrativa del principato trentino, il Castello del Buonconsiglio è, attualmente, il museo d'arte antica medievale e moderna più importante della regione. Conserva testimonianze storiche artistiche di grande pregio, la più importante si riferisce al Gotico internazionale: sulle pareti di Torre Aquila, affrescati dal maestro Venceslao (fine del 1300), sono magnificamente rappresentati undici mesi dell'anno (marzo non compare). Il museo propone annualmente rassegne temporanee di rilievo internazionale. La sala delle Marangonerie, ha ospitato dal 1985 fino al 2003 il Museo Storico in Trento. Attualmente, oltre al bookshop, nella sala è allestito un primo punto informativo sulle quattro sedi del museo. L'ampiezza della sala ne consente l'utilizzo per conferenze, incontri, oltre, naturalmente, a costituire spazio espositivo per mostre temporanee. I parcheggi riservati alle persone con disabilità si trovano in piazza della Mostra.


Via Bernardo Clesio, 5 - Trento, TN tel. +39 0461 233770

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30 18:00

Populist politicians and voters in Sweden

introduced by Marco Panara Many blame the rise of Sweden’s radical right on the country's open immigration policy. But my recent research points to other drivers. Populist politicians and voters come from groups whose risk of job loss went up in...
31 11:00

A basic universal income?

Introduced by Tito Boeri What are the problems that a genuine ‘citizen’s income’ wishes to address? How does it interact with other welfare programmes? What are the effects in terms of distribution and costs? Answers based on the facts, as in the...
31 14:30

Voting patterns, Regions left behind and policy responses: the raise of the places that don't matter

organised by OCSE introduced by Alexander Lembcke Persistent poverty, economic decay and lack of opportunities are causing discontent in declining regions. Many of these so-called "places that don't matter" revolt in a wave of political populism...
31 16:30

(on populism and rational voters) How the victims of globalisation react

introduced by Eugenio Occorsio We study preferences for protectionism in response to unemployment resulting from different types of labor market shocks. These include technological change, a demand shift, bad management, and three kinds of...
31 18:00

European institutions and populism

coordinated by Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli In recent years populist parties have had considerable success. How do EU institutions and civil society organizations react at European level? What ideas and strategies do they propose to deal with their...
01 10:00

Comparing populist movements

chaired by Antonella Stirati Why is populism surging in the world's most advanced economies? This panel compares how economic, cultural, and political factors have affected major country experiences including Germany, the UK and the US, as well ad...
01 11:00

Are populist foreign policies doomed to fail?

introduced by Chris Giles Populist foreign policies pursued recently by President Trump, British Brexiteers, and leaders of other European democracies have produced surprisingly little real policy change. Populist rhetoric generally proves to be...
01 12:00

Merci l’Europe! Risposte aux sept mensonges populistes

organised by Grasset discussed with Anais Ginori, Lucrezia Reichlin coordinated by Tonia Mastrobuoni
01 15:00

The populist challenge to democracy in Germany and Europe: threat or corrective?

introduced by Michael Braun All over Europe, the populist right has taken hold through some shared ideas, such as the rejection of immigrants and of free circulation of goods and assets, and the opposition to supranational institutions. The...
01 17:00

Democracy at risk

introduced by Eva Giovannini Liberal and democratic systems are growingly experiencing an authoritarian regression, even when they follow legal electoral and institutional procedures. This is what is happening in Trump’s America and in many other...
01 19:00

Caudillismo yesterday and today in South America and beyond

introduced by Francesco D'Ayala In South America, the Right and the Left are similar in their glorification the Pueblo, like Perón did in the past and Chavez and Maduro today. A central role is played by the caudillo, the charismatic leader who...
02 11:00

(On the effects of under-employment on the rise of populism) So where have all the good jobs gone?

introduced by Luca De Biase The unemployment figures hide dramatic statistics regarding underemployment, underpaid work and jobs of a few hours. Young people and the less educated are increasingly underemployed, while immigrants are erroneously...
02 15:00

Consumers and the single european market

organised by Altroconsumo coordinated by Marino Melissano speakers: Stefano Da Empoli, Samantha Rose, Alice Rovati The single European market is continuously evolving and requires constant adaptation to new emerging needs, guaranteeing uniform...